Warranty and Core

This is the basic warranty for all parts sold at Auto Recyclers

We guarantee fit and functionality of all auto parts we sell.

30 day full refund or exchange on all parts sold at Auto Recyclers,  unless other arrangements are made in writing. 

Our Suppliers may have other and or longer warranties. It is our policy to go with the longest warranty offered between our suppliers or us.

Guarantee includes all parts that are direct fit as per our interchange system. Provided the customer gives us all accurate information requested to determine fit. Others may be subject to Restocking fee.

Auto Recyclers must be notified of any problems first, before any work is done.

It is Auto Recyclers decision who works on defective part for warranty.   

Do not operate a vehicle after knowledge of a problem with part.

Our Warranty does not include Labor to replace defective parts,

It is Auto Recyclers sole decision between refund or exchange.  

Auto Recyclers  does not warranty ABUSE, NEGLECT or IMPROPER INSTALLATION. Including but not limited to: 

Improper Fluid Level

Improper Fluid Type

Improper Flushing of Old Fluid

Not following recommendations on included card.

Use with defective parts

Warranty is for parts used in OEM conditions, lift kits  power adders, tuners, void warranty unless specified and excepted

Warranty does not include non OEM driving conditions- unless specified and excepted. 


Are sold as long block, any additional parts are included to make the install easier and are not included in the warranty. -follow any recommendations on the card included with engine to not void warranty.


Warranty includes all parts in the transmission except seals/gaskets-follow any recommendations on the card included to not void warranty.

Front Rear Axle assembly/parts

No Warranty on brakes and may be swapped but must be included with core.


All Cores Must be of the same year make model interchange as purchased.


All cores must be as complete as the unit purchased. 

Dismantled Cores will have to be verified for complete amount of parts and may take more time to verify.

Unrebuildable/Incomplete Cores may be subject to partial or complete forfeit of core deposit at decision of Auto Recyclers.